Emotional Detox for your healing

Emotional Detox Session

Hours of receiving unconditional love for reconnecting with your body and releasing emotions.

5 hours | 250€

Your Emotional Detox Session will begin with a consultation of at least 1 hour, where you can become acquainted with me and can build a base of trust. For me the consultation is important to understand how I can help you best and also to know your preferences and boundaries, so I can fully respect them.
After the consultation you will receive the bodywork part of your Emotional Detox Session, where you will be taken care of for about 4 hours or more, depending on your individual needs.

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Healing and relaxing massages

Chi Nei Tsang

A massage of the belly and the organs.

1 hour 30 min | 70€

Menstruational Relax

Soothing the pain you may feel during your menstruation.

1 hour | 35€

Foot Reflexology

1 hour | 35€